How to Become a Computer Programmer…?
How to Become a Computer Programmer

How to Become a Computer Programmer…?

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A “Computer Programmer” sounds a bit strange, isn’t it..? Who are they..? The purpose of the article is not to introduce the term. However, let’s take a look at some brief explanation of the strange word..!

Programmers use programming languages. Q: Why are they using programming languages..? A: To write computer programs. A computer program is generally computer software. Then you can get an idea that a programmer is a person who develops computer software.

That’s fine. But still, there is a difference between software developers and computer programmers. That is, a software developer has more scope(area) to touch on a software project rather than a programmer. The programmer is responsible for coding a specific area of the software.

It seems that enough explanation about the term. let’s go straight to the main topic by step by step approach.

Step 1: Identify the Purpose of being a Programmer

Before beginning the journey, it’s better to ask yourself “Why I need to become a programmer..?“.

To continue ahead, you have to have a strong and solid answer to the above question. If you answer the above question with answers such as turn programming into your future career or develop a software project by yourself, then you can continue for further reading.

Step 2: Find a Related Educational Course for Becoming a Computer Programmer

What is meant by education related to programming..? You are about to receive a detailed answer to the above question in this section. Education courses related to computer programming can be available in different formats.

Below are two formats of education courses related to computer programming.

  • Formal/University Education Courses for Computer Programming
  • Informal/Online Education Courses for Computer Programming

Formal/University Education Courses for Computer Programming

What is formal/university education related to programming..? 

Answer: formal education referred to the education that you are obtaining from a recognized institute/university.

Where can you find a proper institute/university to learn programming..?

Answer: There are many ways.

  • Internet/Social Media (Probably the easier and most popular way)
  • Newspaper Advertisements
  • Ask the Experts (People who are in the industry)

What are the advantages that formal education courses provide over informal educational courses..?

Advantages of Formal Education Over Informal Education

Grab The Knowledge and Experience from Experts: Q: Does informal courses taught by non-experts..? A: No. Then, Q: What is the specialty of institutes/universities..? A: A recognized institute/university hires qualified people as their lecturers.

Consistency of Learning: You will learn from basic theory to very advanced factors. The printed materials like the syllabus/course content provided by the university will help you to guide from the beginning to the end of the course.

Build the Knowledge Chain: Q: Knowledge chain..? What is that..? A: The network of people. While you are studying in a university, you will have to interact with a lot of people including lecturers, instructors, and your batch mates. Sharing knowledge and experience among the people is a huge advantage for a programmer.

The above factors represent some of the main advantages of university education related to computer programming.

There is another way of learning the subject apart from formal/university education namely informal/online education.

Let’s take a look at the topic now.

Informal/Online Education Courses for Computer Programming

You may get some idea about related online courses from our article How to Become a Software Engineer.

Hope you have read the above article and let’s continue with few things that are not included in that particular article.

As you have read in the article, there are two types of online courses. Here you can get a deep idea about some of the courses including both types.

Paid Online Courses

As a want to be a programmer, you can get access to hundreds of paid online courses available on different web sites and mobile apps on the internet.

Examples for best websites that offer paid online courses:

The above sites are few, but not limited to best paid online programming courses.

Let’s dig into some detailed views of each site.

1. is a web platform that acts as an interface among lecturers/teachers and students. With over 35 million students and over 57,000 instructors, udemy offers cheap and million times worth courses for people all around the globe.

You can find hundreds of programming tutorials depending on your programming language preference for an affordable price through udemy.

2. treehouse

Treehouse is a good platform for beginners who desired to learn computer programming online. Since 2011, treehouse provides courses that interact with students. Also, treehouse makes students do practical examples in programming.

People who just don’t have clue that “where should I start my programming career..?” will get a clear guide from the treehouse as well.

3. is a website intended to change the traditional education system by providing courses for even children.

One out of the many advantages of Codecademy is that you can try some courses free of charge before you select and pay for them.

Why don’t you just visit the above links and check out some of the exciting features of them right now..?

After some helicopter view of “Paid online courses”, let’s move into an overall view of some of the famous “Free online courses” that are available on the internet.

Free Online Courses

Free online courses are helping out “want to be programmers” for many years. If you are a person who would like to learn computer programming online for free, then this is the right type of learning method for you.

As we discussed some of the famous paid online courses, here we are going to discuss some of the free online courses and their main features.

You will find hundreds of free online computer programming courses apart from the above-mentioned courses. The reason that you got the above websites eliminating others is the “number of daily visitors” the above websites have.

OK. As usual, let’s go to the detailed view of highlighted free online courses that help you to become a computer programmer.


If you are new to the field of computer programming, then you need to know that is one of the favorite free online learning sites for ICT people.

The site covers almost every aspect of computer programming. The famous site has more than 60 million visitors each month.

2. offers free online courses with participating in world-famous universities. Harvard and MIT are two examples of universities combined with edx.

It helps more than 20 million learners to break the barriers of the course fee, location problems, and accessibility problems.


All lecturers/instructors in from recognized university or company. It provides traditional online lectures plus on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums.

Ok, hope you guys got some idea about “How to Become a Computer Programmer” from this cute article(just kidding…!).

If you would like other related articles of ours, simply click on the links below and read them, and invite your friends by sharing them. Thank you…!

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