How to Become a Data Analyst..?
How to Become a Data Analyst

How to Become a Data Analyst..?

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The main focus of the post is regarding your burning question “How to Become a Data Analyst“. By reading the article, you would have reached the following sections. The Skills required, Academic qualifications, also your Responsibilities of the role and Salary you will get as a data analyst.

We’ll talk about Skills, and Education required for the famous profession at first..! Ok…let’s dig into the topic…

Skills Required for a Data Analyst

As a data analyst, you will have to handle several daily tasks. That means you need to have plenty of skills. Major skills are Technical skills, Practical skills, and Soft skills.

1. Technical Skills

It is necessary to have programming skills such as Python and R. Not only that. You also need to pose the skills regarding SQL and Relational databases. It is an advantage if you know how to extract and analyze data from different resources. (If you want to improve your programming skills and grab some knowledge about computer programming, just click on this link) How to Become a Computer Programmer

There is a software called Tableau that is an interactive data visualization software. It is a plus that you have skills in using the above software. You also need to be able to work with Microsoft Excel to work with large data sets.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with some of the more advanced analytics and formulas before you go to your next job interview for a data analyst.

2. Practical Skills

You need to have problem-solving skills as a primary practical skill of being a data analyst. Also, a proactive approach to problem resolution, in general, is required.

Strong attention to detail and ability to quality check your work to ensure data mistakes are caught before work delivery is needed. Let’s jump on to the next practical skill…

You should be able to initiate and drive projects to completion with minimum guidance.

Having confidence in yourself is necessary to have not only if you are a data analyst and also for any profession.

3. Soft Skills

When it comes to soft skills, it’s pretty obvious that you have to have a common set of skills.

1. Good communication skills are must have skills for an any profession.

2. Ability to explain and simply understand complex concepts.

3. You need to be somewhat flexible.

4. It’s easy for a great team player to act as a data analyst.

Education Required for a Data Analyst

Having education related to a particular field will give a great advantage to become a great professional in a particular field.

A bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer Science, or Statistics will give you a strong advantage. Or else you can follow a professional course regarding data analytics or data science.

Even though you don’t have a formal education targeting the field, just don’t worry. You still have the chance to become a data analyst. There are other ways of learning the subject such as taking qualification training and following an online course, etc..

Salary of a Data Analyst

Being an IT professional, one of the most important things to consider is the salary. Let’s have a look at the salaries of a data analyst.

If you taking the first step with no experience, you would get an average salary of $57,000 annually. With the 4-6 years of experience, you would get a $68,000 average annual salary.

UK based companies would pay an average annual salary of £23,870 including overtime pay for the less than 1 year experienced data analysts. In the UK, you will be able to get an average annual salary of £25,853 with 1-4 years of experience.

OK…hope you guys enjoy the post and get to know some information about becoming a trending IT profession “Data Analyst”. Just feel free to ask any question regarding the topic in the comment section below…don’t forget to share the article with your friends…

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